Thursday, August 11, 2011

the breezes were cool today. tom kept telling me the wind was from the north. the humidity and the baking heat were gone. the light was fresh and clear and the wind was strong. i spent the day sewing and drinking perrier and missing the heat. i should remember this chill always creeps in for a few days in august. but the heat returns.
and i had lovely visits. eva and isaac brightened up my work for a while. i posted photos from the visit at foblographie
. i delivered quilts to willow.....they bought 4 of the scam quilts. and then sarah came along after work and we visited while she shopped. i made tea towels and finished a quilt. and at the end of the day i walked around the studio taking photos of the little shop. the light was magnificent.
so our little life is getting back to what we're used to. all is well.

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