Saturday, August 6, 2011

our lawn is full of strawberries and buttercups. but the blackberries are finished, i think.
the water is on the boil for my tea.
there are stains on the cutting board from teabags soaking into the wood. tender sweet tea flavors.
there was a dead bat on the dining room floor when i came downstairs at 6.09 this morning. that was a horrible thing. just seeing the words written here makes my belly lurch. thank goodness stella was inside last night. my little gray cat who can look into my soul. she saved us. and tom took care of it for me so i could go back downstairs.
i am working triple hard in the studio trying to make up for lost sales.
i have to vacuum before i get dressed and start sewing. and i have washed quilts to hang on the line.


  1. sorry to hear that you had a bad start of a day...hopefully the rest of your weekend will be much,much better!
    very interesting blog by the way!
    very real and sincere words!

  2. a dead bat in the house, is godd fortune by greek traditional faith. i hope that helps a bit : )

  3. may be so, because the day turned into a lovely one. i hope your weekend has been wonderful.

  4. thanks lila check,
    we had a lovely day after a freaky start.
    your photography is beautiful!