Sunday, August 7, 2011

yesterday may have been the perfect day. wandering through the market with dear friends. beautiful mid-afternoon meal on the patio at chez piggy surrounded by grapevines and chickadees. shopping with almost 11 year old twin girls and their beautiful mother. and laughing so completely that the thought of it makes the giggles start again 16 hours later. a spontaneous collaborative photo-shoot beneath the morrisons restaurant sign with brent as art director. wandering through kingston streets, seeing the most brilliant colorful indian wedding emerge from st. george's. and home to sit by the lake picking sea glass, wading in the lake, feeding frites to the ducks while they wandered among us, watching the boats, talking and of course laughing. brent and i have been friends since the earliest days of art school. and his daughters weren't quite sure why i found him as funny as i do, why he could make me laugh so hard. shared jokes that have aged and fermented for 25 years get funnier and funnier. so despite my almost canceling our wonderful day together.....oh yes, i was feeling stressed and felt i couldn't take time away from the studio beyond a quick lunch together.....but as soon as they floated into the yard, the girls found cats and tire swings, brent made me jump up and down laughing, lorinda handed me a bag of the most lovely cosmetics and creams, we wandered through the studio.....i knew i wanted to have a long day of this loveliness and the work in the studio could wait.
i posted some of the market photos at foblographie i'm sure i'll be posting more little groupings from this lovely day.

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  1. i am glad your day turned so lovely ! - superstitious greeks are right!!!