Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the tranquility is returning. we walked along the lakeside path this morning, edgar and i. we met others wandering along in the perfect temperature, neither hot or cold, warm or cool. a temperature you don't notice. it gives you the opportunity to see whats around you, let your mind wander. i planned the little pillows i'm making with the gorgeous vintage quilt blocks i found last weekend. flour sack fabrics appliqued on muslin. butterflies. each one different and distinct. so simply and delicately beautiful. i do feel the energy from the woman who pieced these together so many years ago. the perfect marriage of form and function....the necessity to use the scraps and create a warm embracing blanket. but making sure it was interesting and beautiful and fun. i know she enjoyed doing it. the beauty drove her. and the knowledge she wasn't wasting her scraps.


  1. Hello Annette:
    Yes, one can sense the gentle mellowness of autumn approaching with everything taking on a less frenetic pace. How wonderful to have such a beautiful environment in which to wander and contemplate your next creative project. Artistic nourishment indeed!

  2. Looks peaceful and beautiful. :) Liz