Sunday, August 14, 2011

we were downtown at the market again this weekend. i ate a basket of the most delicious peaches and discovered i love them with dijon mustard spread on them. i sewed strips of fabric together for scrap quilts. we barbecued veggies and steak. i worked at the bookstore. we spent lovely evenings with our neighbors. i thought about my grandparents prince edward island farm and how hard it must have been for them to auction off the house and land that had been generations in the family. i swept and re-swept the porch while the tree toads sang. i spent time with my parents. however, my mother spent time in the emergency room getting staples in her head after a fall. she is fine.

and now i listen to the rain sputtering around the open window and plan for tomorrow morning when i happily head back to work on quilts for sebastian and jane.


  1. That is quite a day! Sorry abut your mother. I am fascinated by the idea of peaches and dijon mustard.

  2. was the whole weekend. that would be too much for one day, i think. and the peaches and mustard is similar as the sweetness of fruit in a green salad with balsamic dressing. i hope your weekend was great!

  3. thats a lovely and satisfying weekend i quess
    ( except from your mothers fall of course- good she is ok ) things we do. our thoughts. our strange taste in food - i promise i`ll try this one ; ) thats what makes us. isn`t it? hope the week will bring you loads of beauties, creativity and sunny days- for us automn is already here outside my window...

  4. peaches and mustard, now there's an intriguing combination! Glad your mum is ok.

    x E.