Saturday, August 27, 2011

our little holiday has made my mind go a bit blank. while i am busy at work, cutting and sewing and gluing, my mind entertains me. there is a spin of story and idea and music and image. the activity and movement builds on itself. i am reminded of moments and memories. but i'm on vacation for a few days and my mind is still. i floated on the lake all afternoon yesterday, sleeping a little and reading proust among the sun and the loons and the sparkling water. tom took the little aluminum boat to the middle of the lake to show my father a wrecked schooner. my mother and i tethered our inflated floaty chairs to the raft and bobbed along with the waves we ate peaches and cherries and banana bread. tom snorkled and took underwater videos. the days are idyllic. but my mind is empty. when i want to fill a page or two in my journal, there is nothing to put down. i'm relaxed and happy and quite dull.


  1. enjoy it ! sometimes we need this. is called: fill the batteries.... then all comes back healthier and renewed, and stronger than ever : )

  2. you're right demie....thanks for reminding me that i have to recharge! i hope you have a wonderful weekend.