Thursday, August 18, 2011

crickets. evening with a haze drifting heavily off the lake. lemonade. buckets of warm water poured over edgar with shampoo. the clothesline full for it's entire length. coffee on the porch talking of heartbreak and re-birth and love that has run it's course. the sadness that passes into freshness and excitement of new hopes and the joy of being ready for them. another dead bat on the driveway. our sweet krista bella's birthday with cake and gin. the windows open as far as they will open. the radio is playing in the kitchen reminding me there is still cleaning to do in there. a car with loud music and young laughing voices just rolled past. rare for our quiet little lakeside village in the city. quilts are beginning to fill the studio again. quilts for friends children, toddlers and teenagers. and one for my parents. timeless quilts, summer continues to simmer along with me. i will cling to her every second this year. i dread her absence. the crickets sing to me and periodically taunt.


  1. Such a beautiful post - your writing is so evocative and full of atmosphere. And those photos! They make me want to rush out & put my wooden pegs in a jar, except I would need the light too...

  2. Hello Annette:
    How beautifully you capture summer's essence in this very evocative post. Perhaps if it could be bottled, rather like the pegs then you might be on to a winner!!

    In England, the days felt rather autumnal already but in Budapest summer is going strongly we are pleased to say. And yes, we are holding on to her too, those azure blue skies are too entrancing to let go just yet!