Sunday, August 28, 2011

we're home. i've vacuumed and scrubbed and dusted and changed litter and prettied. the smell of closed up house has cleared. and it feels good to hear all the sounds and see all my little favorite corners. the cats are perched where they like to perch. edgar is happy to be on his couch. the crickets are singing. the kitchen floor is washed. the laundry is humming. a new quilt is spread on the table ready for our coffee in the morning. although i'll miss our floaty chairs on the lake and the magnificent sunsets. and tom took me on the best tours on the lake to see the charming little lake houses that i love. most of them peek from behind trees, where they sit tickling the edge of the lake. i have posted a great slew of photos on my foblographie blog
i'm happy to be in my little space again, even though the lists of things i need to do stare at me from every angle. i love it.


  1. Hello Annette:
    It is, as we all know, wonderful to go away, experience new places and 'see the sights which dazzle', but, equally, it is always good to return home and to be content with one's own surroundings as clearly you are.

  2. Hallo Annette! i have a little mention on you on paraphernalia : )

  3. Welcome home! I love reading your blog!