Tuesday, August 9, 2011

every day of every life has a moment worthy of sharing. that's why i keep this little collection of moments some days are full of them and other days they are such a trickle that you wonder if you can find one. i thought yesterday would be one of the latter days. i sewed for 13 hours and then came home and stared blankly at tv until i dropped into bed. but there were so many wonderful moments too. .....naomi knocking on the door and playing with fabric scraps while i sewed, telling me about her camping trip and her day at rock climbing camp. and when tom came to see when i wanted to have dinner, she fluttered around him covering him with fabric scraps and giggling. ......talking on the phone with my mother as she was heading out to the herb garden naked. she loves to sit in the sun among the herbs and flowers and soak up the sun completely. silly and weird and completely fantastic. .....and tom making a wonderful summer dinner and enjoying it together.

tomorrow (wednesday) i'm opening the studio at noon and will stay open until between 7.00 & 8.00. there are lots of tea towels and napkins and collage and moleskines and 9 red and cream crib sized quilts that also work nicely as a small lap quilt. this is an example. if you're in the area come. and tell anyone who might be interested to came and have a look in lovely portsmouth village.


  1. i have checked you etsy shop and i think what you make i wonderful- just waiting for next payday ; ) and i love this bird picture!

  2. awww, thanks. you always have such nice things to say. the bird is from our lunch on the patio on the weekend.