Monday, August 1, 2011

when quilts hang on the line in late morning, the light blazes the squares into stained glass. i made 10 crib sized quilts in a red and cream palette for an order this month. seeing all 10 of them on the line, similar but unique, was a nice way to say goodbye and send them off into the world. the series of 10 collages i've been working on are also part of this order. they are much more difficult to say goodbye to. i made a linen bag for each collage to protect them
during shipping. they are beautiful in their little bags. packaging the items i make is almost as much of an aesthetic endeavor as making the item to begin with. i love the look of elegant and understated wrapping. string, twill tape, linen, butcher paper. those are the i send them off to their new homes. it's been a good weekend. we had time at the lake. i was able to give the kitchen a serious cleaning. and we looked at houses that grabbed me with their song of potential. my parents returned from russia, tired and happy with old russian books and wonderful stories. we had a lovely long weekend.


  1. this beautiful writing of yours... with the soft sentences and the airy feeling.... well, you have parents that bring "old russian books and wonderful sotries" home... that explains a lot : )

  2. Oh those parcels are beautiful. I love simple wrapping x

  3. thank you karen!
    demie....'soft sentences'. i love that!