Monday, July 25, 2011

the queen anne's lace is beautiful this year. tangled and thick, making little meadows sting my eyes with the loveliness of it. we drove to the cottage yesterday for the afternoon and i had a hard time keeping myself from stopping all along the way to pull out my camera. the side of the road is most beautiful in july. a mass of fresh lacey white flowers waving and nodding and smiling. and while we were at the lake, we took the boat out exploring and marvelling at the day and all it's moments. i wonder if it was all the beauty that made me sad. but i found sadness flow through me in waves for much of the evening.
today there are quilts waiting for me to finish. and a book that i need to read. those books are rare for me now. the book that immediately makes itself necessary in my life. that makes me hungry to learn the next word. yet there is one sitting next to my bed that is just that. a new book by elizabeth hay. i don't know the title. titles rarely interest me or hold my attention.
tom is coming in the rain with my coffee and bagel. this day is starting.


  1. It's so wonderful when you find a book like that. I love those colorful rocking chairs!

  2. aren't the chairs amazing!!! there were brightly colored adirondack chairs on the dock as well as the lovely rockers. doesn't that look like the best place to read by the lake......

  3. They are my favourite flowers in the world! So glad you visited my blog, so I could discover yours!

    x E.