Saturday, July 2, 2011

today was a rare day, the sort of day you can never manufacture, it just appears and gives itself to you. a perfect july day. i cleaned and hung laundry on the line and swept the porch and tidied the yard, but nothing felt like a chore. there was no pressure or stress. tennis was on, although i must admit i didn't watch too closely. i bought groceries and finished some quilts. and although all of this is rather mundane, it felt relaxing and calm and a bit luxurious as i puttered about feeling quietly pleased with all i was getting done, but without the rushed pace that usually goes along with it. edgar and i walked along the lake. i brought him home and went back to the little beach to collect was the first time this year. and i brought home a wonderful little bucket of pebble softened glass and fragments of tile and ceramic.
a marvelous day!

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