Friday, October 21, 2011

even though we are late in october, my dear little white studio is covered with morning glory. blue and pink and purple. they braid themselves around the front door awning, smiling in through the windows and welcoming customers and friends. and twine amongst the bushes and fence. they wrap around the trunk of the apple tree and their flowers burst out among the apples. and maybe it is all part of the magic that the studio is generating lately. i have found two wonderful women to share the space with me. we are humming and happy in the little white house. quilts and dolls and felting and collage and encaustic painting and rug making. bags of wool, fresh from the sheep, with the faint smell of the farm lurking in the softness. rolls of fabric. paper and books and canvas. beeswax and pigments. there is a powerful energy. and a lovely idea exchange is cranking along. our own little happiness factory.


  1. dear Annette what can i say, it just sounds wonderful,working with like-minded woman, each working in her own way it can work so very stimulating, you are a lucky girl!! xx

  2. I love Morning Glories! I have them growing on the fence surrounding the vegetable garden. And they're still blooming. :)

    Your studio sounds like and amazing place to be. Happy creating!

  3. We always had morning glories when I was growing up.

    Your little white house sounds peaceful and enchanting with the two ladies sharing space with you, it brings to mind the wonderful exchange of ideas and creativity. It sounds lovely.


  4. your posts are my morning glorious moment... i am glad you found people who share your passion. and one day i`ll open the door and enter your little happy factory : )

  5. you are really lucky having found such a great work environment.

    happy weekend!!