Thursday, October 27, 2011

this morning as i took a few seconds to blot on base and a quick brush of mascara, i saw my face in the mirror. and i realized in that moment that last night i dreamt my forehead was etched with deep creviced lines. heavily carved wrinkles. and this morning when i saw my face i was surprised at their absence, for i guess the shadow of the dream was still controlling my semi or sub conscious. my worries about crabby, my list of tasks and this sore throat that is sapping my energy, crept into my sleeping mind and created a physical representation of my worries. and now my fresh day gives a new perspective and smooths the lines.


  1. you smooth my lines with your words
    - i wish you wouldn`t worry so much
    but i am not one to give any advise on it...
    have a lovely day my dear
    i am going to bed : )

  2. Oh how is crabby? I hope you are feeling better soon...
    Soon I will be nearby with tinctures, herbal rubs and healing concoctions...
    I almost stopped in today but was feeling like I was coming down with
    Something so I stayed clear....

  3. dear Annette,when you're not feeling well everything can feel so extra heavy and difficult when you start worrying about it, as if the bacteria are not only affecting your throath but your brain as well, so i hope you get well soon.
    my remedy for a soar throat is sage milk, just put the sage in some milk and bring it to boil, put in some honey and sip.
    I'm sorry to hear about crabby, it's awful to see an animal suffer and nof feeling well.
    take care xx

  4. you ladies are so lovely. i love the sound of sage milk, renilde. i will try it for sure.

    i think crabby is strong and she loves life. we will see how her issues progress. but for now, i'm not doing anything too drastic.

  5. I don't know how I missed this post? I do hope you are feeling some better. There is nothing worse than a sore throat and that tired run down feeling.

    Cheery Regards,