Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it's a gloomy morning. heavy gray clouds are low on the lake. we stumbled along, edgar and i. layers of sweaters making me bulky, although it's not at all cold. the sweaters were for comfort, i guess, rather than warmth. but my favorite part of our wander, was coming in our gate. our yard was pungent and incense-y. last night i sort of started a fire. one of the super dry logs my father brought in the summer for the outdoor fireplace, a pizza box and a newspaper. i didn't have time to nurse it so i threw them all together with a few matches and hoped for a little glow of a fire. it didn't ever really catch, but apparently it smoldered away all night, as my fires often do. and this morning our yard is like a perfectly baked pie filling the day with it's warm and smoky fall-like flavors.


  1. After reading your previous post yesterday i was looking for your quilt today, but instead i got this again beautiful photo and 'smoky fall-like flavors' which love.
    Open fire-time has reached us here and it compensates the closed doors and windows in the evening, it always makes me a bit sad when it gets too cold to keep them open. But i love the scent of burning wood. xx

  2. they are buring leaves here everywhere, it's not quite the same as the smell of burning wook, but still quite nice. it's good to enjoy these last sensations before winter will cut us off most of them... xx