Monday, October 3, 2011

i love to see through windows. divided and protected by layers of reflection. a narrow perspective that gives only limited access. softening the truth, distilling it to a story. unpeeling and segmented. a story framed. overlapping aperture interrupted with diaphanous smoky images. the mundane with added value. this is my kitchen. the back window that sits over the sink and looks into the yard. the light is melted and golden. the dirty dishes and pile of compost by the door has disappeared. the trees are reflected in the glass and the painting by the fridge is a dark hollow space. windows and baskets and the busy-ness of an evening meal, it's there but it's ready for you to make it your own.


  1. I love your window pictures. I love how you can cut out what you don't want to show. I love the layers of inside, glass and reflection. Beautiful!

  2. A lovely post, beautiful photograph and so true! It's funny I was thinking something similar the other night when walking up the driveway. Through the filter of bushes and windows you could see the book lined walls, art hanging, the mantle. However you couldn't see the piles of photos on the floor, the stuffing from the toy my dogs ripped apart all over the floor or the dozens of thread snips and fabric scraps around my favorite overstuffed stitching chair.

  3. A beautiful window... and so is your text!

  4. you make lots of lovely things Annette. but i think you are a writer at heart... this glimt of your kitchen made my heart warm : )

  5. that was a really lovely post! i love how you wrote it. :)

    p.s. i like looking through windows as well. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  6. lisa....thank you for knowing where it all comes from

    mary's granddaughter.....for a second i thought you were describing our house. i love so much seeing our house as a stranger sees it.

    lise & mimi.....thanks for your appreciative response

    and say so often that i'm a writer. thank you for making me take notice of that. i always feel that writing is just my little personal joy and everything else i do is much stronger. you're making me think now. thank you