Sunday, October 2, 2011

a lazy day of rainy skies. trees pillaged by the wind. fires gurgling in both the living room and the dining room. both of us recovering from last night, a wonderful fun night, and a late night with our friends. we slept in late this morning and then we fell asleep watching football in the early afternoon. and now, after our nap, i've finally tidied up and the dishes are washing, and i'm eating my very favorite little meal. a meal that is just a little collection of my favorite things. it's easy and it's perfect. yogurt. coffee. baguette. perrier. a few pieces of chocolate. there should be olives to make it perfect, but in a moment of insanity, i walked past the olives yesterday as i was rushing through the market. little pieces of everything i love piled on a plate. there could be a little chunk of camembert too. so now i'm curled on the sofa in the dining room with stella sleeping against my leg, enjoying my favorite little collection of food just that much more because i thought to write about it.


  1. lazy days are precious! i love your little collection of favorites...
    and while yesterday it was raining and blowing like hell here, today the sun is shinning brightly ... of course i am working today ... no its ok. see i `m smiling : )

  2. That is my kind of meal!!! Although, my plate would probably have quite a bit more chocolate. ;)

    Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day.

  3. Love me a "little plate of treats" ... Savoring your blog posts by the way, they are so filled with gratitude that they make me teary. :-) xx