Saturday, October 29, 2011

the dreamy wonder of discovery. childhood and it's incomparable joy and light. but how is it that human nature dictates that our few short years of wonderment feel endless and tedious. i remember that feeling. as children we crave independence and strive to be bigger and have more fun. we want what is available to those who are just a little bit older. our quest is growth and strength. and yet we sit in those moments completely. loving the singularity of what we see. of how we play. of words and colors and movement and song. until we notice what the big kids have. and then we want that. and yet, paradoxically, we can barely fathom the concept of changing into that other wiser, more mature creature. of not being who we are in that moment, in that stage.
we move so quickly through a decade now. we collect them. but that first brief decade held the sweetest days that stretched forever. that we clutch to and allow to settle into us if we have that particular fortune. and yet those are the years that disappeared the most completely.


  1. the way you write about childhood is what i always felt ( i think we all have)... after i got children i nottice also my selv as a kid. how i was. what i did or said. my son teaches me life... one would think is the other way around. but its not. his comments on life, his ways, amaze me. he asked me once ( he probably heard the expresion somewhere)"mamma? can one find oneself?" ... itsn`t exactly what we do? finding or recreating ourselfs as our life goes on? starting there. when we where kids... so i answered yes. but it takes time. and you one can only find ones self, inside them. deside slowly but firm what the like nad what they don`t, who they are or who they want to be. and walk to that direction without fear. with doubds but without fear... oh! Annette! you posts make me think a lot. that why my comments can get so big! thank you for this! now i am going to make some pancakes to my two small people ; )

  2. What a beautiful post Annette! It strikes a cord within me. I am always telling husband that kids grow up to fast. I remember all too well what my childhood with like. It seemed so carefree as compared with the children of today. Without all of the fancy phones and video games we seemed to find things to do outside. We actually hated to stay indoors, we were always playing in the woods, fishing under a bridge with our makeshift cane pole, playing tag and other outside games.

    While I know progress is important, I also believe that kids can't be kids anymore. There is so much more pressure out there and kids really don't know much about themselves. Likes and dislikes seem to be based on other children's likes for fear of not fitting in with a group.

    It takes a lot of courage to be true to yourself and it sometimes takes you to a lonely place but as we age we seem to know with more conviction who we are and are grateful for it.


  3. So true and so beautiful You said it all so well!

  4. the paradox of childhood is complicated and profound.