Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i am sipping coffee and eating oatmeal. the day is gray and overcast. i just saw neighbors in bright jackets stroll past the window. i'm making my way to the studio but i'm spending a few quiet moments with edgar and elsworth before i head over. contemplating the pile of work i have to do and the lack of energy to do it with. wondering why i'm writing here about nothing, but appreciating the composure the act of writing gives me. it straightens everything from the inside out. it files and organizes and gives peace to the process.


  1. that is just one of the many things blogs are for.

  2. It sorta sets the day straight for me too. It is gray and overcast here too. The temperature is supposed to start falling here today and rain and much colder temperatures are heading our way. It is a welcome change from the oppressive heat here in Texas.

    Have a great day.


  3. nobody could describe better "the act of writing"
    hope you`ll be feeling strong and healthy again soon
    with all my love and warm thoughts xoxoxo

  4. it's raining here as well, and I felt the need to put it in words somehow, writing often goes hand in hand with letting go, admitting things to the world so you can't pretend otherwise to yourself.