Friday, October 28, 2011

i have just watched the sun scale the sky from moonless black, to gray, to streaks of pink and orange, to day. and there is frost on the rooftops. our first in six months or more. maybe that was why i couldn't sleep....feeling winter close in around me in an overnight fury. when edgar heard me tiptoe my way downstairs in the dark and curl in my favorite corner of the library, he unfolded his long legs from the couch in the living room to join me. i covered him with a quilt and he lifted his heavy warm head to my hand. he loves me to hold his head. i wrap my fingers behind his ear and feel his breath on my forearm. despite a few sleepless hours, it was pleasant nevertheless.
and now the day has begun. there is no leftover night in the sky. and the kettle is on the boil for tea and oatmeal.


  1. "no leftover night in the sky" -beautiful! I love, love, love how I can picture your mornings and days in your home and studio. We had our first heavy frost last night too. I love how you said it, "feeling winter close in around me". I hope you have a beautiful day.

  2. Tea and oatmeal sounds so good to me right now! Edgar sounds like my Josie used to be when she was alive. She would follow me from room to room even if I was just going in to get something she was right with me. There was always something so comforting about that.


  3. i wish your day is wonderful... and your lovely dog and cat keep you good company... yes the winter is so close now here too...

  4. "no leftover night in the sky"......i love that !!!

  5. So beautiful....
    Night night.