Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the ground is covered with little yellow crocuses. they have worked their way up through the mud and dirt and tangle of last years weeds and sit enjoying their moment in the chilly sun. we saw them for the first time on sunday after our sale. we were exhausted. i think i was more tired this time than ever. the combination of losing an hour to the time change and working to get prepared put me into a dazed stupor of exhaustion. and we saw the crocuses as we walked around the corner to our neighborhood pub for some dinner. i love that crocuses always surprise me. i catch my breath a little when i see them the first time. every year i believe we must be so lucky to be getting them so much earlier this year, bright against the mud and snow. our first little patch of color. my mother made a tiny posy with them and tucked them in a little bottle for our mantle.
thank you to all of you who send such lovely wishes to me and our studio. and to those who are near enough to come out and make our sales such fabulous days.


  1. it's a blessing. the first spring flowers. always

  2. I love seeing those first blooms of spring flowers. The contrast is amazing against the still barren and mud covered earth.

  3. The first fresh flowers of spring, hopeful and encouraging. We won't see any for a few more weeks here in NB, so I'm enjoying yours.