Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tonight was our first barbecue of the season. steak and roasted potatoes and salad. i came home from the studio to a busy kitchen, phish pouring out the open door on to the porch, and tom readying dinner. there is a pattern of summer already blending into the evening. calm and endless. and even though the trees are empty still, they seem somehow summery. we are heading out to walk along the lake. an evening tradition we are attempting to build. a little movement and sunlight and time together. an after dinner walk. it's a good way to welcome the warmer weather....a barbecue and a walk.


  1. Y~U~M dinner sounded wonderful! Nothing tastes as good as food cooked on the barbecue and when the weather is nice its even better.

    I just checked out your photos from your post below and wanted to let you know that they are beautiful and I can see why it would be disturbing to have things changing the already beautiful landscape Sometimes, I think they just don't get it...nature is its own landscaping

    1. oh kris, you are so right. the city is always concerned with budgetary issues and yet millions goes to something that is already perfect in it's simplicity. so sad.