Saturday, March 31, 2012

some weeks my time and my thoughts are all consumed with my work. what i'm making. how to market it. how i want my business to function. this was one of those weeks. i missed having my moments here in the library with edgar and my blog. but even now, with the still laziness of a saturday morning, i continue to be thinking business thoughts. i haven't kept my etsy shop very full of late, although the studio shop is. so i'm spending the weekend uploading aprons and tunics and napkins....anything i can get a good photo of. my plan was to do some house cleaning and relaxing today, but i think i've been upstaged by my own crazy drive....i can't control it. that comes straight from my father. so off i go to write about the tunics and list them on etsy. if you want to have a peek..... it's hereLink


  1. forget housework...your shop is looking swell

    1. thank you....i need the validation to let my house go!!! haha

  2. I know how you feel. Somedays you become consumed with how to make your business thrive and some things go by the wayside and usually my blog suffers. There is only so many hours in a day. I am also sewing and trying to add some new items to my Etsy shop too. It is a job for sure!

  3. good luck with your shop, kris. it's always very lovely!

  4. Your Etsy shop looks great. I love the reversible aprons.

  5. Lovely aprons. They must make works in a house very happy.

  6. I love so much of it! The aprons, the red and white napkins and table runners, all of it! I felt like I was in your studio again and it felt good!

  7. Your choice of colours are fun.
    Never stop dreaming.. new ideas always come up.
    Its great to invent new ideas.
    Happy sewing