Friday, March 9, 2012

spring is just around the corner. the clock moves ahead this weekend to give us extra light in the evening. i'll miss it in the morning, but i know it will catch up soon. the spring energy is taking over. i'm getting impatient for summer already. i've been sewing tunics all week. really getting into it. the collection is full of varying sizes and fabrics and colors. they are fresh and comfy. and reversible. perfect as the warmer weather approaches to wear as a flirty little dress. but i see them worn with jeans and flip flops. and also as the perfect bit of color thrown over a black turtleneck and tights.....perfect combination of sleek and funky.
liv came by tonight to set up for her part of our sale on sunday. a table full of buckets of soap and all her other lovely products. the entire little house is pulsing with's wonderful.
we'll be open from 10 until 4 on sunday march 11. at 55 mowat ave in portsmouth village. the weather predictions look amazing. while you're out enjoying the day, drop by the studio to check out all our lovely products and the new items we've been working on the last couple of weeks. and you can head down to the lake for a stroll.....don't forget to bring bread for the ducks. we'll see you sunday.


  1. I am getting imatient too dear Annette... the dress looks lovely... I can smell the lavender all the way from here...

    good luck once again with your sales : )

  2. Your blog post elicits such visions and smells, thanks. Wish I lived closer, as I know I would love your sale. But it is a long way from there to here in New Brunswick. Best wishes with the event.

  3. Good luck on Sunday. I hope you have happy ducks - and lots of happy customers.

  4. The dress is darling! I hope you have a great day on Sunday and the ducks are quacking happily.