Saturday, March 3, 2012

i'm waking up slowly this morning. edgar who woke me up to take him outside at 6.45, is now happily asleep in front of the fire. there has been a cat brawl in the middle of the street under our bedroom window involving ellsworth. i'm hunting everywhere for my wallet that seems to have disappeared sometime yesterday afternoon. and tom is playing 'the violent femmes' on the guitar in the other room, and after rocking out to it for ten minutes he's decided to sing it as a ballad. it's a funny morning.

i took photos upstairs at the studio yesterday to give you all a peek. tracy's encaustic paintings float about the walls. her little red room with the big blue chair sits under the eave. i love the cans of colored wax.


  1. Thank you Annette, for all the inspiring energy! Your place is beautiful and your art and you reflect all the goodness.

  2. I love how we can each look at the same things, and shoot (see!) them differently. It's a gift to see your creations through another.... Thank you