Monday, March 5, 2012

on the weekend i found a new product that i'm in love with. it's a completely natural surface spray (think febreze, but without the chemicaly-ness). homegrown lavender, grapefruit and mint. sprayed on the rugs and the sofas and edgar's bed. the rooms are fresh and breezey smelling. like spring has arrived. with edgar and the cats, keeping our house smelling fresh in the middle of winter is always a challenge, but this surface spray has just made it a little simpler.

livia simpson of liv simple farms is the brains behind this great product. there is also linen spray, room spray and a line of great goats milk soaps and lotions. they raise the goats and grow the lavender and turn all that goodness into amazing products. tracy and i are both smitten with the products and have invited lovely livia to take part in our next sale. and she has agreed.
so this coming sunday, march 11 from 10 until 4, we are welcoming you to the little white house at 55 mowat avenue in portsmouth village. tracy is working on some new felted pieces and she has still some wonderful encaustics available too. i'm making new spring inspired tunics for the young and the even younger, as well as totes and quilts and napkins etc. there are journals and pendants and pillows and all sorts of loveliness to feast on. and an amazing line of handmade home and body care you will absolutely want to try.


  1. So many talented and clever people out there, doing good! It makes me believe things in this world will get better ....

  2. Sounds like you will be having a great day for selling your lovelies. It is hard in the winter to keep things smelling fresh when you have animals. The spray sounds lovely! All clean smelling products without the chemicals.

  3. I am loving my soaps... I will do some shopping on Sunday for more I'm certain;). It's good to be able to shop steps from my studio... Handmade. A version of bliss....