Friday, March 16, 2012

this morning is a little dreary and gray. i have squares calling to me from the studio waiting to be fashioned into quilts, but i am slow getting started. i had a delightful bath with one of the cocoa butter bath melts from liv simple farms. i hope to live in this cloud of lavender all day, with silky smooth skin and a sunny disposition. and it's not just me in love with these products. i've had several people this week mentioning to me how addicted they have become to livs stuff, how much better their skin is feeling from the soap and how fresh their homes are smelling. i hope liv will come and be part of another sale with us.
so, the dishes are washing and edgar has eaten and there is thunder rumbling through the sky again. i'm heading to the studio and the day is underway!


  1. This picture is absolutely lovely : )

  2. Liv's beauty products must be a real treat! The cat is so sweet and adorable! Christa

  3. The cat is a sculpture! Isn't it!

    ♥ Franka