Monday, March 26, 2012

yesterday was a complicated, but beautiful one.
i limped through most of the day in a little cloud of worry. worry for a few people dear to me.
but near the end of the day, as our sale was quiet and empty, a car pulled up. i watched a woman get out of the car. and i squealed. i recognized immediately the little red haired girl in the woman crossing the street and heading to the door. for here was my best friend from childhood, who although we bumped into each other 17 or 18 years ago, we haven't had a proper visit since we were in grade 8. i was giddy and girly. i may have hopped up and down. all the names and faces that flooded through our conversation. it was incredible. her children's pictures. our husbands. our parents. our work. an entire much unknown and yet so much familiar as well. i am so thrilled she found out about the sale and made the effort to come. we will re-kindle the childhood friendship now. it was a special afternoon.
and afterward, i was giving naomi a quick goodnight cuddle and i told her that i had seen my best friend from when i was little like her. she looked up at me with wonder in her face and said "what did she look like?" and i said "she looked like a little girl and old like me all at once". and she giggled.


  1. How lovely, - and hasn't the spring suddenly arrived with you, all of those wonderful leaves.

  2. Beautiful image! Isn't it wonderful to run into someone that you haven't seen in a long time. It's exciting to reminisce about times that have since passed and what's going on now.

  3. I love your explanation to your daughter of how your friend looked. Don't we all look in the mirror and see ourselves as we really are and the little girl inside us, as well? Delightful post. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Life can be so wonderful :) x

  5. it was a lovely visit. but 2 things.....1, this photo is from last year....we aren't that green yet. i used it because it's my parent's driveway....where i grew up and where i played with my friend. and naomi is our wonderful neighbor's daughter. our neighborhood is like a little family, so i may confuse you when i speak of everyone as if they are family....

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoyed my afternoon so much! I could not stop talking about you and your shoppe and our childhood memories! I was giddy like the young girls you speak of....I will be back, and this time I won't wait 17 years! Love Andrea

    1. oh, i'm so glad you read this. i'm still a little giddy. thank you sooo much for coming.

  7. What a wonderful surprise and so nice for the two of you to be able to rekindle your friendship.

  8. This is such a lovely story - it makes my day! I love the last sentence very much!

  9. What a lovely post, beautiful photos
    How wonderful to meet an old friend again and feel young and girly again.

    I lost you somewhere along my blogging road.
    would love to see you again.

    best wishes. val