Thursday, March 15, 2012

when i heard the sounds of thunder in the night, i was confused. i jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. i thought the rumbley shaking was the sound of edgar losing his footing and taking a terrible fall in the room below us. but happily i found him sleeping soundly under his quilt on the sofa in the living room, completely unphased. when i got back into bed the sound began again and only after the 3rd or 4th time did i recognize it as thunder. and then the room was lit white with lightning and the house shook some more. it was quite a wild night storm. i'm not a worrier. but for some reason lying in bed with the night exploding around me, i started to worry. the power of the lightning, the thunder shaking the windows and the downpour of rain....the storm was scaring me. i started to worry about the studio roof. my parents barn. finances and taxes. my parent's upcoming trip. tom's parents who are on their way to australia. maybe it was because i awoke with a start of worry about edgar. but it was certainly a relief to wake up and find the worry gone. the rain is still falling and it looks like the day will be a gray one, but my little world is back to normal.


  1. When things happen in the middle of the night it always seems so much darker,frightening, exaggerated and difficult to deal with. Come the morning everything goes in to its proper perspective. Thank goodness for the light in our lives.

    1. it is so true. light is quite a multi-layered word!

  2. I'm not a big fan of storms. Husband loves to go outside and watch the lightening...not me! I thought our dog (deceased now) had the right idea, she would shimmy herself under our bed until half of her body was beneath it. She hated storms and I use to stroke her back (the part I could reach) to reassure her and me! LOL