Wednesday, November 30, 2011

another dreary morning. a day to build a few quilt tops. and then migrate upstairs to my beloved, underused paper room. it sits in the trees, above the lake that is whipping wildly. the bare horseshoe pits. and edgar's personal peripherique. he has worn a path around the edge of the side yard that sits beside the studio and our house. he rarely ventures into the middle of the yard, but prefers his little path. i always think of paris and her encircling highway.
the last couple of months, the allure for paint has been building. and my need to start piecing yellowed images together to form new edge-y little collage pictures is strong too. and i'm prepping photos. they are all conspiring and demanding attention.
but now a shift has happened since i started writing this. i'll build the quilts this afternoon. off i go on a little spur of the moment road trip this morning to clear my head. to my parents to hunt for wood. and then home to concentrate on all the goodness coming forth!


  1. your goodness is coming forth in so many ways Annette! you bobble with creativity... lokking forward to your new creations : )

  2. I love the way you described your paper room "my beloved, underused paper room. it sits in the trees, above the lake that is whipping wildly". I want to spend the afternoon there with you in this safe, warm, room made of paper that sits suspended in the wild whipping trees.

  3. Living in Texas, we never get many dreary days. I awake most of the time to sunny skies. I miss the cloudy, dreary days which make me content to sit, read, and watch TV without feeling guilty. That is about the only time I allow myself time to do nothing.


  4. I think I know what it feels like when the lake is whipping wildly. I wish I could write like you do. One can literally feel the cold, the damp and the dreariness. And still it feels like positive... Wonderful! Thank you Annette!

  5. Your underused paper room! MMM.. it cunjours up a feeling of where you can escape to. I can imagine you designing and preparing your next quilt . Your own special place. With Edgar doing his "promanade"
    You write and one can feel the wind blowing outside,with the cosiness from within
    Lovely blog.
    Enjoy reading them.

  6. A paper room--I am intrigued! Love the sound of edge-y little collages...

  7. thank you for all your lovely comments about my writing. i'm glad you can feel what i write about.
    i didn't get to the studio until late in the day. and i'm just getting home at almost 9.30. i had a few great hours in the paper. i'll try to take photos tomorrow and post them.

  8. I look forward to seeing your painting... baited breath ... :-)