Friday, November 4, 2011

my mother gave me a christmas cactus. such a charming old-fashioned plant. it was blooming magnificently when she gave it to me. last year, or maybe the year before. and once the blooms were finished i neglected it terribly. it stayed in the living room window next to a horse skull and a jar of shells and beach glass. but now it's miraculously blooming again. all the tips are bursting into red flowers. i remember my grandmother had a christmas cactus in a planter in her living room. and she would share cuttings. remember women giving each other cuttings from their favorite plants?
tonight, crabby has been sitting on the table behind the sofa with her head in my hand. she just wanted me to hold her little face. we still aren't sure what the future holds for her, but we can't imagine that she'll be with us much longer. i think tomorrow's appointment with our wonderful vet will make our decision. so it's been a quiet little night for our family. tom playing guitar while i list items on etsy, sharing the sofa with edgar, and holding crabby's head. but in my heart, i think it's our little farewell evening.


  1. Annette - it is all so sad when pets have to leave for ever. I think you are giving crabby a good farewell and that is one of the responsibilities one has when having animal. I am really sorry for poor crabby.
    I have read your story about the christmas cactus and the cuttings. I have a christmas cactus as well. It is a great grandchild of the plant my great grandmother had. She gave a cutting to my grandma and she gave one on to Emilie and Emilie gave one to me. It is a strong plant. I have it in the garden during summertime and when autumn comes I take inside. It is not yet blooming but it has made those little tips.

  2. its very sad to say farewell to somebody you love.
    there is some kind of quitness and acceptance in it.
    but also some kind of grace....
    thinking of you

  3. Annette - a lovely juxtapose of renewal and decline - thinking of you all on this sad day with Crabby.

  4. oh no, that must be so hard. I'm thinking of you. much love!!

  5. I'm so glad you have had that special time with Crabby. "Holding her little face", what a beautiful way to let her know that she is loved. I am so happy she is there with you and not out somewhere alone. She has you and Edgar and Tom and beautiful music.

  6. christy....i love that your christmas cactus is from your great grandmother. how lovely.

    i just posted a new post with a crabby update and the story of our remarkable vet. i really thought we had spent our last day with her, but he is going to make sure there isn't something within reason that we can do for her.