Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sleep has been uneven this week. and my mind is swamped with piles of ideas for things i need to make before december 1st. at least tom forced me out of the studio yesterday to go with him to buy groceries. fresh fruit in the house always makes the day more energetic.
my favorite tree (the lavender tree) is still in full leaf. i call it the lavender tree because before chasing lightning bugs took every spare second and i still allotted time to gardening, my front
garden was a swirl of lavender around this lovely tree. the lavender is still under there somewhere, but not really recognizable anymore. anyhow, the lavender tree clutches it's leaves longer than any other tree in the neighborhood. until inevitably, i wake up one morning in november and she's naked. naked branches tapping at the bedroom window without the rustle of leaves. it always happens overnight. this morning i looked out thinking it might be the day. but no, she's still wrapped in leaves. i'll let you know when it happens. this photo is from yesterday morning. and she will shed everyone of these leaves at once. she's quite dramatic, the lavender tree.


  1. i like your lavender tree...
    everything happens overnight
    now its all white outside. not snow. but frost.
    one moment the gress was greenyellowish
    and now we can`t see it anymore.
    i think its with life like with nature...
    everything happens overnight.
    good or bad; suddenly its there.
    maybe we just don`t notice as much as we should...

  2. You never know what you'll find hanging off that tree ;)

  3. What a beautiful story about your beautiful tree. How is Crabby doing? Is she all better and back to herself? I hope you don't make yourself sick working so hard. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. The Lavender Tree. Sounds like the name for a novel. Do you ever walk on hidden lavender? That smell is intoxicating.

  5. I wonder what kind of tree it is, but lavender tree sounds just beautiful. After all the trees you live alongside become a sort of family , don't they?
    Another beautiful window picture.

  6. we have one of those trees here too. it's a different kind, but equally dramatic. she always loses all her leaves over night, strangely enough this always happens at the end of winter just before the new leaves start to come out.

  7. That is so interesting to me. I wonder why the leaves on some trees take longer to be pushed off the limbs than others? Here in Texas there are some trees that never lose their leaves in the winter.

  8. What a lovely story! It is fantastic to take notice of one's surroundings. It gives so much to life and enriches the soul. xx

  9. i'm just getting home from a very long day in the studio. it's so nice to hear from all of you. lisa.....crabby is sitting on my shoulder right now, completely back to normal.
    jen....the garden is mostly overgrown with lemon and lime balm, so does smell delicious....and yes, i sometimes tred on hidden lavender. renilde...i think it's a european ash.