Friday, November 18, 2011

tonight we are lounging about with sweet naomi. sneaking halloween candy from her stash. playing wii. telling stories. watching the borrowers on netflix. it's a cozy little evening. i told her she's in charge. i'm just the adult that is around for convenience sake. we're having a great time of it.
outdoors the wind is wild. i'm sure the lavender tree will be naked in the morning. the cats of the neighborhood (of which there are so very many) have all scuttled into their homes. winter is indeed in the air and i wouldn't be surprised if there was a scattering of snow in the morning. we must get our storm windows on in the next few days. and get some wood in from my parents farm. and then, well, after that winter might as well get on with it.


  1. everything was white here yesterday; and then it rained !!!
    back to gray autumn again.
    no leaves on the trees anymore to make it handsome...

    Naomi is cute and adorable : )

  2. Sounds so nice--love cozy family evenings. The Borrowers book was a favorite with us. Naomi is adorable, and sounds like she did a great job of being in charge.

  3. that's such a beautiful picture! I love to see kids with their first teeth and when they fall out it is so funny to see them with these gaps. Another step to adult life! Today I found out that I have been to Kingston in 2001. I was talking to my husband about Ontario and he said to me that we have been to Kingston when we were in Ottawa. I had completely forgotten... I had joined Paul when he attended a meeting. We had such a fantastic time. We prolonged on a private basis and enjoyed a tiny bit of Canada so much. I remember having lunch in a beautiful pub at the water in Kingston... Long time ago! Happy Sunday! Christa

  4. oh, christa, isn't that interesting. i love that you've visited our lovely little city. and interestingly, i've also visited berne. in 1987 while in university i spent the summer with my art professor and a small group of around 10 people visiting art destinations in europe. we spent a day in berne. i remember we parked near the bears and walked around the park area where they lived. and the beautiful clock in the old part of the city. and we had a lovely meal of fondue.
    so, we have spent time in each other's towns.

  5. That is interesting indeed. So I know exactly where you have been. The bears have a new home now which is not so sad anymore. The "Zytglogge" (clock) still exists... everything is going it's way! I would love to come back to Kingston. I still remember that sunny day at the water... xxx Christa