Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i used to have a little flood of joy every time i turned on the tap. the water gurgled out like it was falling from an old kitchen hand-pump. it tumbled and rolled out of the spigot. and it was a soft little movement that caught me emotionally every time. one of the simple little things that would make my day. everyday.
i knew johnny was coming over to change the kitchen tap with tom that night. and i knew that changing it was truly necessary. i was at the bookstore. and suddenly i wondered if changing the tap would change my beautiful tendril of a waterfall from the old spigot.
i went straight to the kitchen when i got home. tom was proud of their work. for it was a major job, taking out cast iron pipes, working from the old cistern under the kitchen, along the limestone walls to bring in new pipes. and when i turned on the tap, the water rushed out in a pressurized chute. tom knew before he saw the disappointment in my eyes. he'd tried to find a way to make it tumble. but it wouldn't. so i'll try to always remember the way it used to be.


  1. Hey there lovely lady. Just caught up on a bunch of your (sublime) posts - with a cuppa - and I feel recharged & rejuvenated. Oh and I'm smiling...bigtime. Thank you!Xx

  2. dear Annette. i know what you mean. some things are just so good the way the were... even if the were old and their time is over...

    i have nominated you for the liebster award... i know Lisa did that too, but i just couldn`t help myselv... i love your blog : )

  3. technological advances aren't always 'progress'.
    i'm sad of the lost gurgles and tumbles.

  4. What a lovely post. The little things are sometimes so meaningful.

  5. great post. I try to always see the good sides of change, but sometimes it is difficult....

  6. I completely understand! The old house had water like that and I LOVED it. The new house has a lovely tap, but the water doesn't tumble and gush. The old water even tasted better. Some days I spend time wondering if the new owners would mind if I came in for a drink, but I am afraid I would find out they had changed the tap.

  7. Annette,

    How touching! Isn't it funny how attached you become to sights, sounds and smells and when they are gone it feels as if a part of you went with it. It certainly sounds like it took some doing to get it put in!

    We used to live in an old house and when we would repair or replace one thing something else would either fall apart or have to be replaced.