Saturday, November 12, 2011

welcome to the studio

photos you asked you shall have. the studio is all primped and prettied and ready for visitors.
napkins prettily seated on easels,

along with the festive christmas variety, ready for a holiday table.

a wall of moleskines,

and tea towels on the stairs.

cozy mittens,

and quilted sleeping bags for lucky babydolls.

double-sided cotton pillowslips, bright and fresh and beautiful.

a little tour to share the studio with you all. we are opening again tomorrow, on sunday the 13th from noon until 5.


  1. It looks smashing...I love the napkins on the easels!! I could get lost in there! Best of luck tomorrow!

  2. What a lovely shop, you sure have been working hard to get it all set up.

  3. i just look at that lovely place, these lovely things and i go ...OH!OH! OH!
    i hope lots of people buy your beatiful stuff. its so obvious there is a lot of hard work behind. i wish lots of new people discover you and your shop this weekend and i wish i was there !

  4. What a treasure trove your studio is, and so much work has obviously gone into it. Hope yesterday was good, and today will be even better.

  5. Oh Oh wow wow, that looks so good, so wonderful inspired and joyfull,great presentation, wish i could visit, lots of succes dear Annette,xx

  6. thank you all you wonderful women. your energy is bright and strong and wonderful. i thought of you all yesterday as i was taking photos to show you....even though i forgot to show you the little daybed full of quilts and cushions.
    i hope we get lots of people today.....yesterday was slow. and i'm working in the morning at the book it's going to be a busy one.

  7. I love it!! Thank you so much for putting the pictures on. It's all so bright and beautiful. I love it all. I hope the weekend is a smashing success!!!

  8. o my gosh!it's so a wee country store .every nook and cranny has something to catch your eye and heart.

  9. Love it--so warm and comfortable and full of beautiful soulful items. Thanks for sharing

  10. You have a beautiful studio and everything is so beautifully displayed. I should like to have one of everything! It is very festive with the bright colors. I am sure it will be a big success!


  11. Oh, your studio is fantastic and the items you sell are so individual! Too bad I am living so far away! I would love to visit! Happy day!

  12. Wow, what a beautiful studio and so many beautiful items.
    Wish I could visit.x