Thursday, November 17, 2011

today was my grandmother's birthday. i thought of her all day. today she would be 106 years old. i can't believe it's been 14 years since she died. her presence is still so wonderfully strong. i feel her pull me along every day as i sew. i have wonderful heirlooms from her. a quilt that she made me when i was 14 sits in the studio with me. and this lap throw she made for my grandfather is on the settee in our bedroom. crocheted granny squares (i love that part) that she made just large enough to cover my grandpa's legs when he was sitting in his recliner. i love this. the colors. the touch of her hand. i can see them sitting in their chairs together. i can feel their presence. there was always a gentleness in the air around them. gentleness with a pulse of energy and electricity. happy birthday grammy.


  1. oh! Annette! this is so beautiful! remembering. thats it isn`t it?
    we remember the way the others made us feel.
    keeping the tings they made we honour their lives.
    the fact that we were lucky enough to have met them...
    my grandma died when i was 12.
    i still lover
    and i feel the touch of her hand on my shoulder.
    its warmth
    ( something she awalys used to do when i was a kid...)

    happy birthday annette`s grandma : )

  2. Dear Annette, aren't we lucky girls to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderfull people in our life and still feel their presence and how their influence makes part of who we are.

  3. Aw, your post is really touching. Your words come to life when you speak of the love you have for her. There's nothing quite so reassuring as a grandmother's touch.


  4. Dear Annette - it is so lovely that you remember your grandma with such affection and special memories.

  5. Annette dear - This is very touching. The love of your grandma can be felt untill here with pic you are showing. Wonderful! Have a nice Sushi day! Christa xxx