Friday, November 11, 2011

today is edgar's birthday. he's 7. and this is him being annoyed as i woke him up to give him birthday hugs. and adding insult to injury, taking a flash photo of the moment. poor boy. but i think we made up for it. first with a lovely walk at 11 o'clock with wonderful tracy. tracy set her alarm as a reminder. brilliant. i'd wanted to walk edgar at 11. but would never have known when it actually reached 11. thankfully tracy and i were together at the studio preparing for our open studio (more on that later).
we took edgar and walked along the lake and up around the stone buildings. and we marveled at the ducks. and enjoyed the crisp november air.
edgar's birthday this year is 11.11.11 and my birthday last year was 10.10.10. i love stuff like that. tom tried to buy him a special birthday cake bone.....but we had to make do with a happy holidays one instead. he loves it.
so, now we are having pizza, curled on the sofa with the birthday boy, watching '(500)days of summer', trying to rest up for the weekend. we are opening the studio for the weekend. tomorrow, saturday the 12th we are open from 10 until 4. come by if you're in the area. 55 mowat avenue, in lovely portsmouth village. and then sunday from noon until 5. i just found out i'm scheduled at the book store until 2.3o on sunday, so i'm hoping trisha is free to cover the first half....otherwise....well, i'll let you know.
it's been a good day!


  1. Happy Birthday to Edgar! He looks like my Josie used to when I woke her up...sorta like "who are you to wake ME up"? HA

    Sounds like a lovely day and pizza to boot! Yum


  2. happy birthday to your wonderful boy!
    all the luck for you open day.... oh! i wish i was there : )

  3. Happy Birthday to Edgar.. He looks very content eating his pizza.
    Our animals are our friends.. just like us..they love goodies too.!
    If ever i am passing your way, i will certainly drop in..
    Your quilts look so lovely ..made with lots of love i am sure.
    wishing you a good busy weekend. val
    val's alentejo blog

  4. happy birthday. he is huge!!!!!!!!

  5. Woof Woof Edgar! (That's Happiest of Birthdays to you.. with a slight Australian dialect in the mix) Hope you take the time to "paws" & enjoy this special occasion (sorry I couldn't resist) We are such doggy people, Hubby, Prince & I - the Dane in our family, Wilson, turns 5 this year. He belongs to my brother in law. I love G/Danes - they are such good value for your dog dollar! Methinks though our tiny Eddie (Fox Terrier) would love to hang with Ed. Good luck with your studio open day! :-) Xx