Thursday, November 10, 2011

what a rare november week this has been. soft warm sunlit days. laundry on the line. un-coated walks. edgar was bathed on the porch yesterday. and little miss crabapple returned home after her sojourn at the vet's. it's been a busy and often chaotic few days. and the moon will be full tonight, although it has appeared full all week.
crabapple just wandered into the library where i'm sitting with the laptop. she seems content and so much healthier, settled under her favorite chair, staring at edgar. steroids to soothe her inflamed bowel and anti-biotics to chase away the cocktail of bacteria. our uncle d'arcy and his wonderful care brought back our quirky odd and cranky kitty to us.
if you are a local reader, our little studio is planning to have an open studio this weekend. the local spinners and weavers are having an event in the neighborhood, so we thought we'd put our sign out as well.


  1. I'll visit the Spinners and Weavers and you too.

  2. So glad to hear crabapple is home and getting better! I wish I was a local, I would love to stop by the studio.

    It has been a beautiful November week here in NY, too. I love it!!

  3. So glad to hear about Crabapple! Wish I could visit the open studio--maybe one day...

  4. really happy to read these news! happy for the lovely weather and little crabbaple! and i wish, i wish i was i local reader ... : )
    good luck with the open studio this weekend!

  5. So happy to here Crabapple is feeling better. You never know just how the weather will be in November. It is so nice to have a nice warm, sunny week of weather before the cold settles in.

    Good luck with the open studio, I would stop by too if I lived near.


  6. So happy to hear Miss Crabby is home and feeling better. I hope the open house goes well. Could you take pictures before so we can see your studio all full for the big day? I wish I could be there!

  7. I will be there too! Is there a specific time you will be open?
    Good luck on your open house!

  8. Really pleased to learn about Crabby, I have been wondering all week. Wish I could visit your studio, good luck with the open day.

  9. I am your new follower - I discovered you through Emilie's Daughter blogspot.
    Sorry to hear your dog are going trough a rough patch and trust they recover soon.
    Helen Tilston

  10. i'm just getting home from a long day at the studio. and i am smiling and warmed by all your lovely and loving comments.
    welcome to my little blog, helen.
    babi and carolyn.....i'll see you on the weekend. we'll probably throw open the doors at 10 or 11 on saturday and sunday too. i'd love if all the faraway people could drop by too.
    i'll try to take photos, lisa. xoxo

  11. good to hear that crabapple is feeling better!!