Thursday, November 24, 2011

it was a dreamy sort of underlit day. gray and soft with warmth lifting up out of the earth. we had picked my parents up at their house and drove through charming towns for a little more than an hour. we drove along winding roads, beside little lakes, through farms and stands of white birch. we saw an owl. we saw an eagle. we saw 2 deer lunching in a field. and we ate a peaceful, relaxing lunch as our thanksgiving meal. it was exactly the break my mind needed. we took my parents home and headed home to watch football. but i took tom home to feed and walk edgar while i had to run errands....the fabric store. thread. muslin. unbleached canvas. i started to get all into the studio headspace again although i'd promised tom a real thanksgiving football watching evening.
and then i arrived home to the most lovely surprise of a package on the dining room table. i gave a little yelp and squealed "is it from norway?" of course it was. a package from my lovely demie. demie of the fabulous blog paraphernalia. check out her new shop. i love it. i had ordered a little packet of the loveliest ethereal cards (top image) and she included this wonderful limited edition print (below) that sits perfectly in my red kitchen against the raw stone wall. my day is complete. my smile is true. i have the energy to take it all on. and demie, you are like a dove sending a limitless fluttering of kindness. and i kept my promise to tom and we've had a lovely evening without studio interuptions!...happy thanksgiving.


  1. ha wonderful, some days are so gooooood, thanks to some special people we meet along the way, x

  2. Annette!
    i am so thankful you like what i do,
    and my work gives you a good feeling!
    i am also very imprest by the post in norway and canada!
    i send the packet last friday! that was fast!
    it makes me happy you now own something i have made : )
    you are a dear dear friend of mine,
    through all this distance...
    is possible

  3. by the way the recipe is realy good, and made up my moi!
    try it when work calms down a bit ; )

  4. Dear Annette - the friendship between you and Demie made over the blogsphere is palpable. It is so lovely, you are kindred spirits.

  5. What a lovely surprise from Demie. Isn't she wonderful! Her blog is so insightful and inspiring. She has a heart filled with kindness and worth its weight in gold.

    Beautiful cards and a gorgeous print!


  6. What a beautiful post. A package from a dear friend is so much fun. You both are such amazing women.