Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my house is inside out. it's messy and dirty and dusty and unkempt. tomorrow is thanksgiving and my parents are supposed to be coming to dinner. but i only have motivation for the studio. my mind is tired along with my body, but when i find myself surrounded with my work, i feel the drive take over. when my hands are moving in the fabric, there is an energy swell. and when i stop, i droop. this will be my reality for the next weeks as the holiday season moves into full swing. so i give myself over to the mess in my house. i have to allow it until i have the energy and time to devote to cleaning. i hope that happens next week. but we'll go out for our thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. it disappoints me yes, to lose the cozy evening by the fire with football and family. but the studio is careening along and i'm riding along with it.


  1. 'so i give myself over to the mess...'
    This is so my story at the moment and I will carry
    your words with me tomorrow, as I pass right on
    by my own messy home, to get to the studio.
    Will miss you tomorrow...
    Happy thanksgiving xo

  2. happy thanksgiving my friend....
    it can be cozy anyway you know...
    its the people. always the people : )

  3. I love the idea of going out. Some years I've found Thanksgiving incredible stressful and who needs that? If you're with people you love, eating good food, you have everything you need on this day.

  4. Always better to let go & go with the flow... sending you light and love and all the reserve energy you may need to tackle the slightly more mundane after the surge of creativity XX