Monday, November 28, 2011

the twisting splashy sounds of the laundry washing upstairs. edgar is stretching his head into my hand and i run my finger along the standing up cowlick between his eyes and along the bridge of his nose. the morning school bus just rattled past and i mutter to myself...'oh, it's 10 to 9 already'. i tell time by the school bus, morning and afternoon. tom brought me coffee. my hair is still wet and heavy. i'm on the sofa in the library poring over the photos on my laptop. i have decided to print photographs to sell in the studio. it's a long and tedious task. but i love it. i love making lists of maybes and then making folders and then sending them to be printed and then picking them up and holding them in my hands. i'm a sucker for the process. i can't enjoy the end result of anything if i don't enjoy the process.


  1. Good idea, i always enjoy your photos, they are very atmospheric.
    Funny, i have that time thing with a small schoolbus passing down ou street too, X

  2. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm having my first cup of cafe creme of the morning.


  3. thats so very true Annette. one must enjoy the process to enjoy the result. and people notice this when they buy things. at least i do. the love and enjoyment of the process shows...
    otherwise no sense of time here... at all ; )

  4. When you enjoy the process you can keep doing it, if you don't eventually the candle burns down and you just can't get the enthusiasm for it anymore. I love the process of my clay work and the painting, and the opening of the kiln.
    I enjoyed reading your post. I just found your blog. :-} Lorraine


  5. I tell time by the school bus, too. :) Selling prints sounds wonderful!! Wishing you lots of success.

  6. thank you for your encouraging comments, all. and it's lovely to meet you, lorraine.
    mmmm,cafe creme sounds delightful kris....

  7. That's a great idea. How about cards?
    I'm a sucker for process too...