Friday, December 2, 2011

all day yesterday i cut paper, thumbed through images, glued, scraped, squinted, stared. i love making the functional art pieces i'm working on. beautiful collage corkboards. i'm working on 4 at a time which works for me. when i find a fabulous image that doesn't work for one piece, it may work in another. so i scurry around from board to board, making little worlds on cork.
tracy took photos of the paper room the other day. when she gets them uploaded, i'll post them. i know with her clear and true eye, you will see the paper room as you would if you clomped up the stairs yourself and into the slope ceillinged little yellow room high in the trees looking out on the lake. i'm heading there now. letting the papers settle overnight and looking at them anew in the morning light is a good thing. i was there until 9.30 last night and my choices might have started losing the sharpness that i rely on.
so off i go. i'll get photos of the boards. and tracy's photos will come soon. i just don't have the patience to wait for the photos to post. the little story of my day was just begging to be blurted out....


  1. Look forward to seeing your cork-boards. I too, am busy cutting and gluing, finding special little images, and putting them on pretty coloured card, but nothing very demanding. I am making Christmas cards for my dearest family.

  2. Was looking at all the beauty in the old storm windows. Just the right amount of chipping and age.

    Looking forward to looking at your photos of your paper room.


  3. rosemary...i'm sure your cards are very special. i envy you being able to do that for your family. i have no energy left at christmas time to make any loveliness....
    kris...i love that pile of's a salvage/antique place that is all kinds of fabulous.