Tuesday, December 20, 2011

there is a new sweetness blooming from the studio. since tracy and trisha have started working with me in the space, it has transformed. a wonderful energy radiates and the gentle soothing scent of beeswax swings in the air. and i'm falling for it hard. i feel myself thinking about beeswax when i have other matters that should be filling my mind. the scent, the hue, the fascinating varied ways it can be used. tracy's encaustic pieces, made from layers of melted and pigmented wax on salvaged boards or panels, are gripping and subtle and infused with the scent of honey. this owl is just one example of her work. tracy gets her wax locally, from a man who is passionate about the goodness in the wax. and he transforms the beeswax he obtains from a local beekeeper into candles that i fell instantly in love with. tracy and her friend laurie were selling the candles from laurie's home, offering them at a great price as wonderful gifts. i spent every dollar in my wallet on candles at the candle party, and when i got home and started imaging how i was going to wrap them and give them as gifts to my friends, i felt i should have them in the shop for others to give as well. so i gave a few away, burned one and put the rest in the shop.
i learned that they are made by a man who has recently come to canada from tibet. and he has a beautiful soul. there is apparently a series of waiting periods in the process of making these candles. and he takes this time as a meditative prayer time, with the intention of infusing the candles in goodness. you can breathe the goodness in the candles. and they send a fresh clean healing energy into the air as they burn.
so we feel fortunate to have tracy's melting wax permeating our space. and the lovely images that come from it. and the candles. and who knows what will come in the new year (the endless possibilities in my collage work won't stop niggling at me)
come to the our last minute studio open house/sale tomorrow, wednesday december 21st from 3 until 8. at 55 mowat avenue, steps from the lake, in beautiful portsmouth village. come breathe a little beeswax.


  1. I love beeswax! It burns so clean and smells so wonderful. The glow of the candle itself is enough to make you want to purchase a "ton of them". I prefer the ivory colored ones and I love the looks of the hand dripped ivory ones. They are hard to find!

    I wish you great success in selling your shops items tomorrow.


  2. It sounds like you and your studio mates will be inspiring each other. I have wanted to learn to make candles, but have gotten a littlle bogged down--soy, beeswax, or paraffin? Scented? Which scent? and so forth. So I just enjoy those that others make...

  3. Golden goodness! I'm so grateful for it nearly everyday....I love that you girls are loving all it has to offer... I have no doubt the little white house will be full of beeswax creations in 2012! Txo

  4. I can smells the beeswax... it usually smells a kind of sweet and only beeswax has that odor... You are having an inspiring time and I guess that is doing your soul good and while you are talking about it it also spreads to Berne... real Christmas... Big hugs

  5. So wonderful that you are offering these special candles for others to buy. Beeswax is the best and the owl candle is the sweetest!