Monday, December 26, 2011

yesterday was the most lovely day with both our families. in the morning we headed to my parents in the country, opened gifts and had a wonderful vegetarian christmas dinner, before coming back into town for more gifts and a second dinner (with turkey this time)with tom's family and little 6 week old baby luca. we came home after midnight marveling at how fortunate we are to have such amazing families.
but really, our christmas was this morning. boxing day is always our christmas with flynn and jee. we usually go to their place and have a lovely visit, opening gifts and sharing in all the kid excitement. but this morning sheila had an appointment and norm had the flu, so the plans changed. she dropped the boys off with us, complete with a laundry basket full of christmas gifts. flynn lugged in his electric guitar and amp that santa brought him. and the fun began. flynn played christmas songs. and rock and roll songs. and the muppets 'rainbow connection'. tom played too and jee grabbed a drum and started playing 'rumpa pum pum'.
they had recorded a book for us....'charlie brown's christmas' for tom and me. and 'twas the night before christmas' for my parents. of course i was teary-eyed. and they were as excited when we opened our presents as when they opened theirs. flynn has become so wise and adult-like that it was wonderful to see his face explode in childish thrill at the lego pod-racer. and jee, the little actor, wore his super-hero cape and knight cape with great aplomb.
but when they all settled around the fire to watch tom's new star wars blu-ray, specifically the pod race scene from the phantom menace....for some reason, that was my favorite moment. so familiar and soft and relaxed....flynn wrapped up in edgar like he always ends up being. and jee climbing on tom's lap, making sure we all knew that he knew all about annikin eventually becoming darth vader. these boys that i love so desperately seem to always fall back on watching star wars in some form...their very happiest times together. and they let me share it with them.

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  1. What a full and marvelous day you had. Very A Childs Christmas in Wales!