Thursday, December 22, 2011

what a day! i woke up sore and tired and overwhelmed with exhaustion. but i still had work in the studio. and i also had a shift to work at the bookstore. i wasn't sure how i could do it all. but as usually happens, i pushed through and the kinks started to work out. i have spent the last months kickin' it in the studio, but entirely neglecting my house. i had hoped to get some time cleaning and christmasizing our happy little house, but i just couldn't get to it before it was time to leave for the bookstore.
however, the most beautiful thing happened when i arrived at the bookstore. christmas was waiting for me in the secret santa box. the most beautiful centerpiece of evergreens and pears, candles and even a precious little bird. i couldn't believe it was for me. amanda works on cash with me. we don't have much time overlapping our shifts, but enough to have short visits and learn little things about each other. she must have learned that i love beautiful things, because she chose this magnificent gift for me. i brought home christmas tonight. thank you lovely amanda!


  1. ...isn`t it the best thing in life? friends, who might not be people you socialise with, but suddenly they saw you their appreciation, the fact that they like you and think of you... a wonderful gesture Annette.
    a wonderful start for your Christmas : )

    all my love to you

  2. it's beautiful. it's these little things that make everything special :) xxx

  3. All the best to you and family Tracy!
    Have a great holiday season!