Thursday, December 8, 2011

i can barely hold my eyes open right now. i'm just getting home from the bookstore after a full day in the studio. but i had these lovely photos of my paper room in my inbox from wonderful tracy of beautiful day. it's here that i can lose myself for days. the piles of paper, the images. the smell of glue, the light, the slanted ceiling. tracy shot these last week while i was in the paper up to my knees, making the collage corkboards. i kept promising to post photos of the paper room, and i love showing it to you now through tracy's wonderful eye.
she found the little details that speak of me. that describe what i do and who i am and what drives me. i love these photos....they are the paper room completely. little scraps of me.


  1. i just woke up... what a pleasure to see you paper room and read your words as a start of my day...
    goodnight to you. good morning to me

  2. Its when we feel comfortable in our space, that we work better.. lots of lovely paper and books to loose yourself in.
    happy quilting days.

  3. One can feel how creative you can be in your space. Just you with yourself. When time doesn't matter, when ideas flow out of you, when you are absorbed with your art... I like that a lot...

  4. Tracy did great job catching the atmosphere, far away from the rest of the world, a place to enter and feel completely at ease between paper and more paper, wonderful! x

  5. Its great that you create such lovely things in your paper room and that the images on the paper are not lost forever as they probably would be.

  6. These photos of your paper room describe who you are and what you love! Creativity and inspiration abounds!