Monday, December 19, 2011

the fine detail of a life can so easily get overlooked for the larger drama. but the tiny stories sometimes intrigue me more than the great ones. the tales of woe and wonder are expected to make you gasp and beg for more details. but a little story that soothes and makes me dream myself into it, i like it. like the little group of four geese who just flew past my window and made my heart leap a little. they made my groggy morning with their silent glide past my window. and now the morning sky has changed from a monotonous still gray to a vibrant pink and blue collection of thick clouds lit from behind, moving quickly with the wind. and then as i watch, the shapes flatten, changing clouds to sky. so the separation is removed and i just see a flat glow of pink suede. morning stillness and the luxury of noticing.....
today i'll prepare totebags and napkins for our wednesday afternoon/evening sale. swing by and finish your list with a few last minute gifts and enjoy the verve that is our little studio. wednesday the 21st from 3 until 8.....we will be there to welcome you at 55 mowat avenue in portsmouth village.


  1. I love the way you find beauty in the smallest things. Hope the sale goes well!

  2. dear Annette, i am wishing you good sales. a
    nd after that a Merry Christmas.

    you have the heart of a writer : )

  3. You amaze me how beautifully you write about nature. It is hard to do and I have tried for years to capture the sky in words. But you certainly did it in this post. Thank you so much for reading my "love post" I really appreciated your comment. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  4. it's just early in the morning when my head is empty and fresh and the air is still and i write what i see. sometimes it's kind of cheesy, but, oh well!!!