Wednesday, December 28, 2011

there is something about the last week of the year. it's always a special week for me. this year i am relaxed and motivated, determined to get my house organized like it once was before i spent every second in the studio. i'm staying away from the studio this week and putting all my energy into our house. i'm anxious to create the warmth of a gathering space in our kitchen again. the comfort and dreaminess of a kitchen is a special thing. and my kitchen has lost that lately. and the 'blue room' has become that room that collects everything we don't have a spot for. and there's been alot of that over the past few years. i'll be moving things around, donating and discarding and scrubbing and getting my house back.


  1. Yes, there is something about the last week of the year! I was thinking of that today and I could not yet find out what it is. Maybe it is the sadness of the year fading away and the other year not yet started. Here it is like Saturday everyday. Not many people go to work. Many are out skiing, many are in the center to profit of the sale, many are in the restaurants... very special... I have already cleaned out our apartment and got rid off some of the X-mas deco. I need air to breathe... Wishing you a wonderful time all the same...

  2. I feel the same way! I want everything clear (uncluttered) and cozy.