Friday, December 30, 2011

the warmth of a bowl of tea in my hands. the rain freezing as it falls. both fires in the house burning. the library dimly lit. the living room full of us. warm and sleepy. edgar stretched on the sofa, filling it completely with his fine long legs and his snores. stella fast asleep on my legs. tom smiling with his headset on listening to a live phish show. the year is coming to a close. i can feel the slow drizzle of time as it slips away. and in compensation, i feel plans gliding into place as the luxury of time opens up before me. my dreams are filled with ideas and i feel a new dominant calm.


  1. Sounds warm and dreamy and cozy...

  2. We are so lucky to be able to make plans and have dreams and to have a home where we feel safe and loved.
    Your place really sounds like a very good one,your words make it visible, so nice, xx

  3. jen....i'm into winter now, and i can't escape the cozy, are so right. we are incredibly fortunates! the options we have in life and the joy we find in our family and home and work.....we are so very very lucky!!!