Saturday, December 24, 2011

tom has always wanted a la-z-boy. and i have never wanted one. ever. we have a leather armchair and ottoman that has grown perfectly aged and i always thought it was comfortable and beautiful and perfect. but this year tom began talking about a la-z-boy again. in earnest. and so the negotiations began. i wanted to not hate it. i hoped i would like it. but i had to not hate it. and it needed to be absolutely completely comfortable for compromising on that one. so we started looking. it would be his christmas gift. i had in mind a leather armchair similar to the one we have that had the hidden 'benefit' of being a recliner. we tried several, and although i would have 'not hated' several of them, tom didn't find them super comfortable. and then we found this oak, craftsman styled chair. i didn't love it and didn't hate it. but i did like it. tom loved it. it was definitely the most comfortable for him. so we ordered it. and although they had given us a delivery time of january, it arrived yesterday morning and sits in it's spot like it's always been a part of our home. now i love it. and tom loves it even more. my theory of a natural flow of choosing pieces that work for the individuals in the home rather than the decor of the home has worked once again. nothing in our home is of a particular style or color scheme. but it all surrounds us with love and makes a beautiful home.
merry merry christmas!


  1. It is a very handsome chair. So glad you are both happy with it!

  2. yes, love the chair. Merry christmas to you. Jane x

  3. thank you lovely ladies....merry christmas to you both.